The booming Infrastructure Industry brings forth many business opportunities. New players enter the field to tap them. They give added impetus to business and fosters competition. The competition brings out innovative methods of operation and improvement in technologies. Seguro Foundations and Structures Pvt. Ltd. is born out of such a quest. Its objective is to set up new benchmarks in execution of projects to delight the clients. The excellence in execution and time bound management of project are the key drivers of its operation.


Seguro,owns,operates and maintains a fleet of rigs and equipments for all its piling projects. A work force of qualified technicians teamed with experienced engineers and well equipped,workshop,facilitates smooth operations.Seguro excels in time–bound management of all its projects.What is more,right from Inception,the company enjoys the trust and patronage of its esteemed clients. professionalism and promptness-together they from Seguro’s ace, its strong Base.